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    _id: "51a3d343b0adf70200000001",
    createdAt: "2013-05-27T21:42:27.859Z",
    deleted: false,
    description: "A `html` base document and hacky CSS reset. Markdown!”
    fragments: [
            _id: "51a3d4f2b0adf70200000003",
            body: "* {margin: 0; padding: 0;}",
            createdAt: "2013-05-27T21:49:38.934Z",
            language: "css",
            modifiedAt: "2013-06-19T19:18:43.107Z",
            name: "Hacky CSS Reset"
            _id: "51a3d50bb0adf70200000004",
            body: "<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Website Title</ti
				  language: "markup",
            modifiedAt: "2013-06-19T19:18:43.109Z",
            name: "HTML5"
    modifiedAt: "2013-06-19T19:23:07.285Z",
    name: "HTML & CSS",
    owner: {
        modifiedAt: "2013-05-27T16:25:56.006Z",
        createdAt: "2013-05-27T16:25:56.005Z",
        name: "Paul Adam Davis",
        login: "",
        _id: "51a38913d95fa20200000001",
        features: [
    source: {
        url: ""
    tags: [
Functional Web App
A Secret. Ooh!